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Cardanol is a naturally occurring Phenol in light pale yellow color manufactured from CNSL. It is a monohydroxyl Phenol having a long hydrocarbon Chain (C15H27) in the Meta position.

Product Description

Cardanol also known as Cashew Phenol is obtained in the distillation process of technical CNSL under reduced pressure. The distillation takes place at high temperature and Distilled CNSL vapours are received through high vacuum. The average unsaturation of about two double bonds in the side chain of the Cardanol molecules make cross linking easy and provides a satisfactory gradual drying and baking properties to paints prepared from it. Because of its peculiar structure Cardanol Varnishes have high electric Insulation, greater resistance to water, chemicals and good flexibility.

Cardanol is a phenol which has a C15 unsaturated alkyl chain with 1-3 double bonds at meta position. The component of commercial Cardanol differs in the degree of unsaturation of the side chain but for the practical purposes it can be represented by the following formula.
C6H4(OH)-(CH2)7-CH=CH-CH2-CH=CH(CH2)2 -CH3

Specifications of Cardanol


Water White

Pale Straw Yellow

Color on Gardner Scale

Max 6

Min 8

Specific Gravity @ 30 Degree Celsius



Viscosity CPS

Max 45

Max 65

Viscosity @ 30 Degree Celsius Sec bt f4 CUP



Ash Content %



Volatiles at 163 Degree Celsius

Max 1.0

Max 1.0

Acid Value mg KOH/g

Max 3.0

Max 5.0

Iodine Value (wiz’s method)



Polymerization time in Mins

Max 12

Max 10

Boiling point Degree celcius @ VAC.3 to 5 TORR



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