Applications Characteristics
Brake Lining CNSL Formaldehyde (NOVOLAC) resins are used for brake liner binding preparation
Paint and coatings
  1. Dark color enamels application
  2. Provide required gloss, flexibility as well as good mechanical strength, quick drying ability,
  3. Excellent resistance to water, acid, alkali
  4. Weather proof, heat and fire resistant
  5. An excellent anti corrosive protection
  6. Superior properties than those of conventional oils or synthetic resins
  7. The coating withstand alkalinity normally encountered with cathodically protected steel hulls
Primers for wood and metal
  1. Red oxide metal primer, Zinc chromate primer, other primers
  2. Provides Resistance against water, acid, alkali and other chemicals
  3. Protects against Corrosion
  4. Improves gloss, increases flexibility and as well as hardness
  1. Provides toughness and elasticity to the lacquer film
  2. To achieve an excellent gloss and superfine adhesive qualities
  3. Superior to those of ordinary oil paints in respect to resistance to oils, grease moisture and chemicals
Insulation Varnishes
  1. To achieve excellent flexibility and resistance to other chemicals
  2. High gloss and adhesion properties
  3. High water repelling and low dielectric properties
Laminating industry Resins
  1. Improves age hardening and better bonding to the substrate
Foundry core binders
  1. Improves collapsibility of the core and enhances bench life and anti-damp behavior in comparison to conventional core binders
Friction resistant material
  1. An excellent heat resistant material and as a partial substitute for phenolic resin to reduce cost
  1. Enhances the resistance of the product to aging, chemical attack and the action of solvents and acids
Polymer based cements
  1. For good adhesion and resistance to moisture, acids and alkalis
  1. Price advantage over conventional phenolic adhesives admirable properties to meet the growing demand for quality and durability in bonding plywood
Adhesive for wood particle
  1. Resole type CNSL formaldehyde resin is used as adhesive in the preparation of composite wood, medium density particle board etc.