Application of Cardanol

Laminating Industry Resole type cardanol  formaldehyde resin solution in alcohol are used as adhesives for  laminates
All types of  bondings Alkemine condensates of cardanol are powerful adhesives  used in metal to metal bonding
Insulating Varnish Cardanol used as diluents in bis-phenol based epoxy  resin provides extremely good insulating properties.
Putty and electrical Polyurethane resins of cardanol are used in sealants  encapsulating puttys.
Surface active agents  (Emulsifiers, dispersants and wetting agents) Ethoxylated cardanol and  sulfonated ethers of cardanol are used as oil in water emulsifiers in pesticides  and as wetting agent in textile  industries.
Surface Coatings & Paints
Marine Coating
The Cardanol based resins have good compatibility with other synthetic resins such as alkyds, epoxies chlorinated rubber, phenolic etc., and can serve as raw material for variety of paints. The Cardanol based resins have an excellent anti-corrosive characteristics