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We are one of the oldest groups in India engaged in the manufacturing of chemical products, such as Phenolic Resins, Modified Phenolic Resins, Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL), Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Resins, Cashew Friction Dust, Cardanol to Serve Friction and Laminate. Our unit is approved by Export Inspection Council, Govt. of India and are member of Federation of Indian Export Organisations and Capexil.

We are a leading researcher, formulator and provider of the custom solutions which allow for substitution of currently used substances by CNSL based products for commercial applications in phenolic and epoxy resin and friction industries.

The unique properties of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid are used to manufacture a wide range of products for industrial, chemical and end-user applications which can be used as an organic substitute for the higher cost phenol based products while at the same time introducing unique features and advantages over some traditional chemistries which find the application in resin, coating, friction, rubber and other industries.

Our objective is to provide a stable source for the variety of quality CNSL based products for the world market through the cooperation with the established manufacturers as well as through its own manufacturing operation in both north and south India.

We are an active promoter of “green products” derived from this versatile, renewable resource and an active participant in development of the new products specific to the market objectives.

Our manufacturing units are located all over India. Here is a glimpse of how we have raised our manufacturing units over the years.




To build long term and value added customer base. We are committed to clients through technological superiority and equipped to deliver suitable customized solutions. We are expanding our horizon to seek new markets and long term business relationship at national and international level.


To learn, understand, formulate, supply and service high quality products that meet standards set by our customers.